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EDG Staffing - Let's Go To Work!

We are a matchmaking service for awesome people looking for great companies to work for

Based out of Houston, Texas, EDG Staffing is a premier staffing agency for industrial companies throughout southeast Texas. Industry moves Texas and EDG Staffing helps industry find and retain great employees!

You grow, we grow. That is our philosophy. Our business is tied to the successes of our clients, employees and employers. Evaluating needs and finding solutions is our main goal.

Focused on Industry

Industrial staffing is our main sector of business.  The southeast Texas area is one of the most industrialized parts of the United States and constantly in need of quality temporary, long-term and permanent workers.  Our job is to find the most qualified workers and match them with the businesses that need their specialized skillset.

Services We Offer

Great place to start your job search: We find and market qualified job seekers with employees that need those skills.  Let us take your unique job skills and find that perfect job for you.
Staffing Needs: We help companies find the temporary, contract or permanent employee for specific job needs.  We are always thinking about what is next, so we can have the quality employees you need at a moments notice.
Designed to Scale: EDG Staffing is built to scale with your business.  Whether its specialty skills or general labor, we can help companies get the people they need when they need it.

Get the EDG

At EDG Staffing, we are constantly finding ways to service our employees and employers so that we can be agile and responsive to our clients needs.  From staffing to payroll to insurance, EDG Staffing can help job seekers find that perfect job and employees to free up resources and focus on growing their business and leave the human resources to us!