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Workforce Solutions for Industrial, Security and Administrative Employers

Full Time | Part Time | Temporary

EDG Staffing has a proven track record of providing qualified, talented staff for industrial jobs throughout southeast Texas

Maximize your productivity with a partnership with EDG Staffing. Building relationships is the core function of our business connecting quality employers with highly trained staff to fill essential positions and enhance continuity of business. We want to earn your business.

We Find Great People

The industrial landscape is fast moving and human resource departments find it time consuming and difficult to find qualified, motivated people to fill open positions in a timely manner.  EDG Staffing has the knowledge, resources and selection process to help our partners keep business moving.

Services We Offer

EDG Staffing offers three types of employees:

  • Temp-to-Hire: These employees are contracted as a temporary with the expectation that they will be hired as a permanent employee in the future
  • Direct Hire: The employee is immediately hired by the employer and no longer contracted from EDG Staffing.
  • Temporary or Contract: This employee is contracted to work a specific amount of time with the employer dependent on an assignment or job.

How Do We Find Our Employees?

Our main focus is to save our employer client’s time and resources by effectively finding, screening and vetting our employee base with qualified people to fill the positions needed by our employer partners.  We accomplish this by utilizing a proven process that is constantly improved upon to filter through and find the best people for the positions our employers need.

  • Criminal and online background checks
  • Applicable testing specific to an employer
  • Continuing education and training programs
  • Focused interviews and questionnaires